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The AIPIO Round Table 2

Wednesday 28, Oct 2020

The first Round Table was held in July 2020, with an impressive guest panel, and this one was no different. The Round Table Series features a panel of prominent industry leaders from government, academia, and other sectors engaging in a facilitated discussion to explore many of the issues raised in the latest AIPIO White Paper, to be launched at the AIPIO National Conference 2020 in November. 

Each year, AIPIO promotes a theme to focus our thought leadership, and in 2020, the theme is ‘Intelligence Professionals in the 21st Century’ recognising that the intelligence workforce will be transformed as it adapts to a new operating environment marked by the unexpected and the unpredictable. The topic of Technologically enabling the workforce is central to modern intelligence practice, and the panellists of the second Round Table spoke to this theme with varied experience but long careers in intelligence and technology. 

AIPIO believes that thoughtful and measured technological enablement of the intelligence workforce will be core to successful adaptation. Panellists spoke about new resources for intel professionals, based on advances in data processing including artificial intelligence (AI), large dataset analytics, dynamic search tools, and interactive technologies. The Panel presented their views on how these tech tools are already allowing intelligence officers to process and integrate multiple sources of data and intelligence far more quickly and efficiently and expanding opportunities for collaboration.  It is well known that new knowledge, tools, and technologies with applications for understanding, forecasting, and mitigating security risks are continually emerging. But our industry and academic leaders spoke to their experience and empirical findings on what this means for the profession and your job. 

Will Intelligence work remain a fundamentally human endeavour? This was the question, and panellists were divided.  Dr Tim van Gelder was of the opinion that AI is already providing the same functions that analysts now provide. However Kim Valois suggested that we still have a long way to go, when it comes to AI capabilities in a high risk and high volatility environment, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. It was agreed, however, that  we must prepare the intelligence workforce for adaptation by enabling agile intelligence professionals, embracing new technologies, and building practices that can anticipate and respond to unique challenges. Dan Harris provided a fascinating brief of how this technology and innovative practice can work well in a fast paced environment such as casino, gaming and financial transactions. 

How can we create AI that is not inherently bias? Carl Wöcke provided invaluable insights as to how this is currently being overcome. As usual the talk was engaging and there were many questions that were left unanswered from the audience. No doubt these questions will continue to arise into the future. AIPIO would like to thank the esteemed panel, Michelle Price, Tarquin Follis, Carl Wöcke, Dr Tim van Gelder, Kim Valois and Dan Harris from our Corporate Sponsor, VA Worldwide.

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