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  The material in this hub complements the articles, practice pieces and book reviews published in AIPIO’s internationally peer reviewed Journal, Newsletter and AIPIO Acumen. The training offered through the hub forms part of the AIPIO Continuing Professional Development Program (CPD), which is currently under construction. 

You will also find a range of opinion pieces, technology innovations and broad information relevant to the intelligence profession through the links provided. 
This material has been carefully curated to provide a contemporary knowledge base for intelligence professionals. 
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Capability Development


Thought Leadership



Here you can find details of Intelligence and related courses, including links to training providers and subject outlines. 

Whether you are looking to study particular Intelligence disciplines, or something with indirect relevance to the profession, you will find areas worth exploring here.  

The courses and training programs listed here are cross-referenced in the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) database (under construction) so that, upon successful completion of the course or program, you will be eligible to receive CPD credit points.  


Here you can access academic articles from across the globe, to complement the exclusive articles published in the AIPIO Journal


This  page contains various links to useful information, including  technical pieces about products and tools, AIPIO Acumen and other useful resources. 





The Resources Hub contains research, training courses and links that have been prepared by others. The opinions expressed in the articles, training programs and  linked items  are the authors’ own views and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers.  The Institute accepts guest content and contributions – moderated or not – and this disclaimer allows contributors to submit their content – whether it aligns with AIPIO’s views or not. This disclaimer allows AIPIO to offer a wider variety of content that appeals to different consumer groups whilst reserving the rights of the Institute to control the narrative on its site.