AIPIO has a range of memberships to suit Intelligence Practitioners and students. 


NOTE: Prior to applying for any AIPIO membership, prospective members must read the AIPIO Code of Ethics

Full Membership

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for full membership of AIPIO a person should:
a) have successfully completed an approved academic course of study in the theory and practice of intelligence or the equivalent within their career field, and
b) possess a minimum of three years of relevant professional experience in the intelligence field.

A person who meets the eligibility requirements may be granted membership and be authorised to use the post-nominal MAIPIO

Associate Membership

Eligibility Requirements

A person who does not meet the eligibility requirements may be granted associate membership.  Associate members do not possess voting rights or the right to seek elected office.  Associate members with three years of good standing in the Institute may, at the Board’s discretion, be awarded full membership.

Associate Student Membership

Eligibility Requirements   

As for Associate, but with a reduced fee for students currently studying an approved intelligence related tertiary course. 

Student Recruitment Scheme

Eligibility Requirements

Students currently studying an intelligence-related course (bachelor degree or post graduate study), may be offered 12 months free membership).  You should include proof of enrollment and one of your tutors as a referee, to enable us to confirm your status and bonafide as a student (does not apply to waged students). The free membership offer concludes after 12 months. Students may then apply for the 'Student Associate' membership or other appropriate membership level.  

Please note that as of 1st May 2019 each application will incur a $33 administration fee


Eligibility Requirements

A member who, in the expressed opinion of the majority of the members present at the Annual General Meeting, possesses a high level of professional standing and displayed an outstanding level of achievement in the field of Intelligence may be granted the membership category of Fellow.  A Fellow is authorised to use the post-nominal FAIPIO.


Eligibility Requirements

A member who is worthy of special recognition for their efforts on behalf of the Institute over an extended period may be granted Life Membership.  A Life member has no voting rights unless they are financial.


Eligibility Requirements

A retired member is a member who is no longer in paid employment but wishes to continue as a member of the Institute.


Membership of the Institute shall be by online application. You will receive acknowledgement of your application. Please understand that the membership application process involves a review and third party validation that may take several weeks to complete. The provision of an accurate CV and current referee details is mandatory to the process and will expedite the review.

A Membership Sub-Committee comprising the President, Secretary and one other Board Member shall determine the appropriate membership category for applicants in accordance with their qualifications and experience. The Board reserves the right to refuse and/or revoke membership. Fees for new members are: 


Membership Type

Annual Fee (AUD)

Australian Resident

Annual Fee (AUD)

Resident Overseas

Full Member $154 $140
Associate Member $126.50 $115
Associate Student $77 $70
Student $33 $33
Retired $77 -


In addition on joining you will be required to pay a once-only $33 (inc gst) administration fee. All fees are due at the time of application for membership. 

For group applications a tax invoice can be arranged. Please contact

Renewing Membership

AIPIO looks forward to your ongoing membership and to assist you in maintaining this you will be reminded of your renewal date 28 days and 14 days in advance.   If you don't renew within 28 days of your membership lapsing then you will unfortunately be required to pay a further administration fee of $33 (inc gst)

Lapsed Member?

Lapsed member of AIPIO? Please send an email to with your current CV attached and we will contact you. Alternatively, membership questions may be directed to the following phone number and the membership team will contact you.

Ph: 1300 411 036  (business hours) & Live Answering Service (02) 8316 8852