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Recognizing, Tracking and Countering Disinformation


Dates: Nov 30, Dec. 02 and Dec. 04, 12-1 pm AEDT

From vaccination and climate change to national elections and COVID-19, conspiracy theories, misinformation and disinformation can spread like wildfire in new social media ecosystems.

This three-part webinar series from the University of Melbourne's Hunt Laboratory of Intelligence Research will introduce disinformation as a historical and global phenomenon that has proliferated in the fertile new communication ecosystems provided by social media, new technology platforms and their marketing and business models. It will also explore emerging approaches for recognizing, tracking and countering disinformation.


The New World of National Security and Intelligence Review


This online course is run from November 16 - November 27 and will offer an intensive survey of the origins and history of security and intelligence review in Canada, the current state of review practice, and the challenges ahead. Course participants will be made familiar with the legislative basis for the new review bodies, their political context, and will study current review reporting and future challenges.


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Anacapa Sciences Analytical Investigation Methods


The Analytical Investigation Methods intelligence course is targeted to those who require core analytical techniques to investigate complex criminal, risk, regulatory and compliance issues. The course emphasis is on developing analytical thinking – a skill relevant to any discipline. In addition, the charting techniques delivered will maximize the utilization of staff and analytical software to achieve superior results. The new online course delivers the same objectives as the traditional face-to-face course.


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Anacapa Sciences Analytical Training - Overview


VA offers three unique Anacapa Sciences courses. Finance Manipulation Analysis is a five-day course for analysts and investigators who need to analyse complex financial manipulations. Intelligence Analysis or Criminal Intelligence Analysis is a two-week course for analysts and investigators to effectively analyse complex criminal activity and financial manipulation. Analytical Investigative Methods is a five-day course targeted at analysts and investigators who require analytical techniques to investigate criminal activity and financial manipulation.


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Graduate Certificate in Intelligence Analysis - Charles Sturt University


This course is primarily focused on those currently working or wishing to work as analysts in the national security, law enforcement, regulatory and private sector contexts. You'll study topics with a focus on foundation principles of intelligence, intelligence and analytics and operational intelligence.


Graduate Diploma of Intelligence Analysis - Charles Sturt University


This course offers you the opportunity to specialise in various aspects of intelligence practice, including intelligence management, national security intelligence, strategic intelligence and imagery and geo-spatial intelligence. You may also select electives relevant to your course, including fraud and leadership, management and counter-terrorism.


Master of Intelligence Analysis - Charles Sturt University


The Master of Intelligence Analysis from Charles Sturt University is intended to provide you, as an intelligence professional – whether in law enforcement, national security, public or private sectors – with the opportunity to undertake studies at postgraduate level through our Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security (AGSPS).

Intelligence analysis is a field experiencing significant growth with a high demand for skilled professionals. Build your analytical skills across recent issues and events to form predictive strategies that support strategic planning and prioritisation of resourcing with our online Master of Intelligence Analysis.

This course is part of an articulated program of study. Articulated programs allow you to build on your study to achieve the right level of qualification for you. You can commence with a single subject or enrol in the Graduate Certificate of Intelligence Analysis and progress through to a Master of Intelligence Analysis degree.


The Intelligence Officer


Gain an in-depth understanding of practices in a profession in which you can influence the decisions that make a real difference in people’s lives, preventing harm and reducing threats. Learn the intelligence craft in one of the oldest professions; including, how you think and assess, and how you can leverage sources of information in order to inform better decisions to make a difference. In a world where data is cheap, resources tight and information overwhelming, the role of the intelligence officer has become ever more important to a broadening range of government and non-government business.


Bias and Human Profiling - Specialist


This course will help you to identify and control your personal biases and the impact on your analysis. You will also be introduced to the fascinating area of human profiling allowing for the prediction of behaviour, identification of potential suspects, assessment of your competition and much more.


Intelligence in Regulation - Professional


This course introduces contemporary thinking in regulation, contemporary thinking in intelligence and how investment in intelligence will maximise decision outcomes in regulation. This course is unique internationally and seeks to assist those engaged in regulation understand more about their profession and how improved regulatory outcomes can be achieved.


Level 1 Intelligence Analyst Certification


This course is intended for the new intelligence analyst who has little to no prior experience. This course will provide the basic analytic skills necessary to produce basic, logically sound, descriptive intelligence analysis.
More experienced intelligence analysts will also find this course provides great "back to basics" refresher training.


EU Intelligence Analysis (target audience includes representatives from international institutions)


The EU Intelligence Analysis Course (EUIAC) combines foundation and advanced core, strategic, communications, geospatial and statistical analysis courses with common software such as GIS, i2 and SQL as prescribed by international and regional curriculum. Students learn critical thinking, creative thinking, analytic writing, briefing, Structured Analytic Techniques (SATs), communications intelligence (COMINT), historic and contemporary analytic issues. The course draws particular focus to regional and international law, ethical standards, risk, safety and security. Analytic tradecraft and presentation skills are assessed in a simulated exercise.

The course is designed to take students without any knowledge of intelligence to the level of knowledge and skill required of functioning intelligence analysts.


Intelligence Tools for the Digital Age


First, this course explains some of the skills that will command a premium in the digital age, and why. Then, it offers you mental models and practical frameworks developed by the US intelligence community to give you a cognitive edge understanding the digital world. This edge is not about spying or secrets. It’s about better thinking. This analytic toolkit has nothing to do with tired, static MBA-style strategy frameworks. Instead, these tools to help you come to grips with the volatility, uncertainty, ambiguity and deception of the digital age. Ultimately, this course makes the case that as the world becomes more digital, your future success depends most of all on asking better questions of both yourself and others. Therefore, it teaches you how to adopt an intelligence analyst’s question-asking mindset. In short, take this course to acquire a sustainable business advantage through clearer, more structured thinking.

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