AIPIO By-laws

AIPIO Board By-Law Authority

The AIPIO Constitution dated 22 August 2016
The present iteration of the AIPIO Constitution addresses the By-Laws in two areas of principle interest:

Section 5.1 - Powers of the Board
Within the bounds of the Associations values to fulfil the purpose of the Institute the Board has the power to create, enforce and revoke the following to enable the Institute to uphold its purpose:

(i) By-laws;

(ii) Standing Orders;

(iii) Code of Ethics; and

(iv) Code of Conduct.

Section 7.2 - Membership
On application to any form of membership, all persons agree to adhere to the Institute's Constitution, Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, Standing Orders and By-Laws.  


AIPIO Current By-Laws

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By-law 1. Nomination for Elevation to the Award of Fellow


By-law 2. Nomination for Elevation to Life Membership


By-law 3. The formation of the State/Territory Representative Sub-Committee


By-law 4. Corporate Membership


By-law 5. Supporting Organisation Membership


By-law 6. Extension of Financial Membership to 31 July 2010 - Expired.  


By-law 7. The President Advisory Group